minister eoe

As the Minister responsible, I am very honoured in taking this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate the Department for the launching of its official website early last year 2016. The website has been a very important tool for the Department to carry out its functions and objectives effectively through online awareness and information distribution. The Department also has a Facebook page to promote the it's activities and events to the Facebook community in PNG and abroad.

This website and the Facebook page will also help bridge the gap between the global environment, the rural government employees, and the rural population. And having access to information will allow the Department to lay foundations for policies and make commitments to improve conditions.

My department’s services and functions has come under so many scrutiny but is one of the least funded government agencies, maybe due to its uneconomical standing that in which has affected the workforce and the service delivery mechanism over the years. But perseverance and diligences by the senior officers under the leadership of my Secretary, Ms Anna Solomon has seen the Department come out from the gloomy state to the forefront where the importance of this government organisation has to be heard and seen.

Therefore, this website is very vital tool for dissemination of information on the government’s input in our operation and other social development efforts that the Department has been working on behind the scenes. Some of the bills and policies and other important achievements initiated by the Department will be properly gazetted through this website so stakeholders, donor agencies, and the global community can be able to absorb for enhanced bilateral relations.

Hon. Soroi Eoe, MP
Minister for Community Development, Religion, Youth & Censorship