March 02/03/2018 Press Release First Senior Officials Meeting Joint Economic Committee- Human resources development working group dialogue on AEPR 2017 The final day of APEC brought together all economics to deliberate on the labour marketing and social inclusion using APEC as the regulating commission to deliberate on all issues affecting the labor market across the Asia pacific region. The data availability was the main challenging issues that got deliberated on by economies experience some form of a loop hole in collecting reliable data to analyse the challenges brought about and faced by all economics. The idea going forward is to come up with a reporting mechanism and a reporting template which all economics report to which can later be used to determine the type of workforce that is available in the region and how labour can be utilized. When there is a proper reporting mechanism and sharing the flow of labour social protection and skill labor recruitment is possible to achieve with ease. The challenge again is to draw research data from private and public sectors. Secretary for Labor and Industry Mrs Mary Morrola and Deputy Secretary Ms Jeanne Sliviak from Department for Community Development and Religion, Marie Eorage Deputy Director APEC Secretariat PNG all contributed to the discussion in the areas of; 1. Enhancing Labour Market 2. Employment Services as Infrastructure 3. Social Protection knowledge sharing 4. Social Security programs in the APEC region 5. Commission on Future of Work These are the key areas which received overwhelming support from all economies as the challenges that needs to be addressed regarding APEC labour issues. David Nugi Delegate APEC HRDWG