Thursday 01st August 2019 The Department for Community Development and Religion had its 2019 2nd Quarter Review Workshop this week to measure progress of work that has been done or carried out, and to discuss way forward for the remainder of 2019. Secretary Anna Solomon acknowledged and commended her senior management team for their continuous efforts and achievements over the last three months (April to June 2019). “You all have been working very hard and keep going up, don’t go backwards. We have to keep going forward in accomplishing our programs.” “We must continue to work harder and smarter to deliver and gain the trust of our development partners, other government agencies and the citizens of this country,” Solomon urged her senior managers. She said this whilst opening the two-day Workshop on Tuesday 30th July, at the Kokoda Trail Motel.

The Quarterly Review is held at the end of each quarter every year were Managers or team leaders from respective sections from the Programs and Corporate Divisions sit down to present their achievements, challenges and the way forward as per their respective Key Result Areas indicated in the Department’s 2019 Annual Operational Plan. Some of the presentations done by the team emphasized on promoting informal economy, social sector and law, establishing database for respective sections, implementing District Community Development Centre program, Human Rights, addressing GBV, developing a Strategy on how to address law and order issues in Hela Province and other sectional work plans of the Department. 

The workshop ended on Wednesday 31st July with the Senior Management team engaged in discussions for resolutions and way forward on most of the challenges encountered and how best the team can work together to deliver on specific programs aligned with the Government’s Priority areas or agendas. Meanwhile, the managers from various sections of the department are looking forward into the next quarters (3rd and 4th) in implementing or completing their work-plan for the year 2019.

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As the newly appointed Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development, I am very honoured for the opportunity given as the political overseer of a Department responsible for a number of different Governmental Agencies.

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